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CHARACTER'S LIVEJOURNAL: [ profile] ashenverity
AGE: 18
BIRTH DATE: June 21, 1991
HOMETOWN: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
OCCUPATION: Student/ Resident Cook
GRADE: 3rd Year
CLUBS: Swim Team
SEX: Male
PLAYED BY: Original

WEAKNESSES: Very passive, he won’t take action in fighting situations unless told to. He’s also trying to learn the ropes of fighting, making him susceptible to greenhorn mistakes. Not used to getting into fights either, he’ll either stand on the sidelines or be one of the allies that take the burnt of the attacks because of little mistakes. Will put his life on the line if anyone is in a dangerous situation, even uncalled for.

As he tends to mother everyone around him, he ends up forgetting about his needs most of the time. While putting others before him is admirable, its biggest fault is that Sou won’t take any incentive if he wants something unless he knows that it’s safe to do so, and even then, it all depends on the situation and reason.

He’s rather dense when it comes to matters of the heart, and is downright oblivious to things like crushes and love. He can be slow when dealing with emotions, often leading to some awkward talk one way or another. He can be too detailed, making him concentrated on one thing instead of putting his attention to another matter and rather blunt with some touchy subjects. Plus if he catches anyone eating fast food, he isn’t afraid to use physical force to show them that it isn’t good for your arteries.

Also doesn’t have any long term goals outside of his family – he doesn’t like to think of it often, but the truth is that the future scares him.

STRENGTHS: While not the best combatant, he’s pretty agile – being in the swim team does have some perks. Also have years of experience in the kitchen makes him pretty good with knives, though his aiming needs some work. If taken charge, he’ll try to see which way is the best way to use with minimum amount of damage – since his priority has always been taking care of others, he usually puts himself in harms way instead of them.

He can be blunt when needed to be (and usually is, but nothing compared to his sister) and directive to subjects that needs to be pointed out, but is a pacifist by nature. He’ll automatically fret over someone who’s injured, tired or sick, and cooks when he’s free to provide a meal for anyone who wants one. Considered a nice guy, and tries to understand situations from both sides.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Aluminum Knives (Slash Damage)
PERSONA: Ganymede
PERSONA ABILITIES: Cleave, Mazio, Re Patra
ARCANA: The Hanged Man

PERSONALITY: Years of living with four children and two adults in a small apartment made Sou a very patient guy, and someone who’s willing to work out differences as a means to an end. Compared to his sister, he uses the ‘gentler’ tactics: letting the subject slide, bribery with food, one-on-one talk, the occasional check up or two, negotiations, etc. He seen both the good and bad sides of both genders, and what he concluded was that gender or not, the word ‘stereotype’ never should have existed and that everyone’s different in their own way. Meaning he’s willing to give anyone a chance, no matter how bad they seem to be or if they’re famous.

He isn’t concerned of his role in his family and the dorm as the mother hen, and doesn’t care. If he’s wearing an apron that has frills however, he really does care and can be in a sour mood if asked why.


Born to the late Ryuubashi Takeshi and Sora, Sou and his sister, Leora, moved with their newlywed aunt and uncle in Iwatodai when they were only seven and six respectively. Being the only relatives in the area, not to mention country and possibly world, it was a shock to automatically have two kids living with you after you just got back from your honey moon. It was hard at first, since they just started out to have a life of their own and the unexpected death of the children’s parents was the last thing they expected.

They still bore with it though, because family was everything to them.

From them, Sou learned on what it was like to be back into a family, one who tried to be there and was constantly there to pull you back up when you fell down. This small family was his support system, and eventually, what he lived for. He loves his parents, he truly does, but the thing was that they were dead, and this family was now.

A year passed and everyone fell into one role or another in their little family, living in and out everyday. That November, their cousins were born, thus effectively making Sou the eldest child in the house and the responsibility of taking care of the younger kids placed on him. This aggravated him endlessly when he was younger, since they followed him everywhere and questioned his every action and not limited to going to the bathroom at the same time, messing up his bed or losing his homework for the day because they wanted paper planes. Somehow, or by some miracle, he learned to manage them and not die trying.

As he was growing up, questions about how his parents died got less and less frequent from him, and more so from his sister. Since going to school, swimming and dealing with his family filled up any of his spare time to think of anything back then, Sou never bothered to ask his aunt and uncle and eventually brushed off his parents deaths as a mere accident. If anything, he knows that what’s in the past is in the past unless it comes to bite you.

And bite it did.

His first encounter of the Dark Hour was not pleasant. Coming home from a late swim practice, the first thing he noticed was that there were coffins all over the immediate area. He tried to brush it off as an hallucination, but the more coffins he passed, the more real it began to get until he understood that is was reality and yes, the blood all over the morphed buildings are real. By the time he reached home, he was scared out of wits end and promptly passed out from shock when his aunt went to greet him.

This that the first thing he saw when waking up was her and confessing that his parents where in some kind of freak accident ten years ago, and the site and cause of the accident was his school and their famous sponsor, the Kirijou Group. He never heard about this before – his aunt said it was all rumors, but there doesn’t need to be evidence to prove anything – and

Nights after that don’t sit well with him, but he acknowledges the fact that it’s part of his life now and with the invitation to S.E.E.S, he’s curious on why he encounters this kind of thing everyday and possibly, for the rest of his life.


It’s going to be interesting living here, but should I really be surprised that everyone in this dorm is mostly younger than I am?

…not really, but irony always had a bad sense of humor.

Still, at least they have a full kitchen and groceries bi-weekly. That still means hungry people. And hungry people means they want food. Which means someone needs to cook to make the food for those hungry people. And from what I asked earlier, some of them can’t cook at all.

Hopefully there’s enough to make curry and oden tonight, because there’s more people here than back home. Makes an interesting situation, now that I think about it.

Note to self: Call everyone back home later.


Sou could only stare at the wall, wondering what he just had done.

He moved out. He moved out.
It was his decision in the first place, and his aunt and uncle agreed.

“It will be a new experience for you!”

“Think of all the people you can meet, Sou.”

Of course, his sister had to make it harder by announcing it to the kids before he could actually tell them and by the time he realized it, they were trying to unpack his bags and clinging to his legs like leeches to suck him dry of his blood. It took him bribery, two pounds worth of candy from the local store and a full hour before they actually let go, and he doesn’t even want to remember how he got his stuff back.

“Better them than those buildings,” he mutters to himself, and shook his head. It’s no use to change his mind; he’s already here and all the effort would be wasted if he went back. “This better be worth it.”

Besides, Sou mused, I could visit them during the weekends.

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