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W-who the hell are all these new people?!

Godammit, I'm gonna need to grocery shop RIGHT NOW.
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I called my family earlier today - it seems Leora still can't make Kira, Momo, and Kai's bento boxes right still. Not that she isn't a good cook, it's just that she just can't follow the instructions I left her for their favorite foods. She never sits well with rules.

I miss them already.

But the people here are definitely interesting, though I just see glances of most of them from time to time (my roommate, for one, associates me with spiders now) and some I never see, since there are  names of other people I don't recognize.

Reminds me, we don't even have groceries yet so I can't even make lunch. I need to ask one of the assistants or the Chairman himself to see if I could go buy some later.

I just realized these journals are weird. Aren't they suppose to contain your innermost thoughts and desires and only viewable to the person who wrote them?
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From what I can tell about everyone, they all came from my school.

Funny. I never noticed any one of them until now - maybe because most of them are underclassmen and I never seen them during swimming club or my classes. Either way, I'm going to be living with them and I'm betting the majority can't cook.

...and there's an actual android living with us. This is turning more into Super Rangers R than real life. Then again, we're all in a secret organization and can summon these things called 'Personas.' Go figure.

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